24 Hour Emergency Roofing Services & Emergency Home Repairs in Redmond, WA

TCG, Inc. is trained and equipped to deal with a wide variety of water intrusion issues.

From a simple roof leak to an intense flood, we handle it all. Our IICRC certified technicians and managers ensure the very best quality workmanship to make sure no water/moisture is left in your building.

Our technicians are trained to carefully assess the cause and scope of the leak, then we develop a comprehensive plan to meet your needs and achieve the best results for your situation.

We strive to save what we can, and what cannot be saved is moved out of the way to complete the drying process as quickly and efficiently possible, to get you back in your home.

We employ some of the best skilled tradesmen in their field to make sure we do it right. We have a variety of moisture detection equipment, including infrared thermal-imaging cameras, non-invasive moisture meters, thermo-hygrometers, low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, and HEPA rated air filtration systems.

Our water damage services are available 24 hours a day, year round. Call anytime 206-618-4685


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